A Guide to Buying Great Coffee Beans in Sharjah

As a coffee lover living in Sharjah, you want to source and buy the freshest, highest quality coffee beans. Here is a guide on what to look for when purchasing coffee beans in Sharjah to help you find the good stuff!

Shop Specialty Roasters

Focus your search on specialty coffee roasters in Sharjah. These are cafes and shops that are passionate about sourcing exceptional coffee from around the world and meticulously roasting it to bring out optimal flavors. Specialty roasters will often have details on the origin and processing methods for their beans. Some top specialty roasters in Sharjah include ESB Coffee, Raw Coffee Company, and Espresso Lab.

Seek Out Single-Origin Beans

Rather than generic blends, look for single-origin beans from respected coffee-producing countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya. This means the beans all come from the same region, farm or cooperative. Single-origin beans showcase unique flavor profiles from their terroir. Trying beans from different origins lets you taste the nuances.

Check Roast Dates

Always check the roast date when purchasing beans. The beans should have been roasted within the past 1-2 weeks for optimal freshness. Older beans lose their aromatics and flavors. Specialty coffee roasters will always have roast dates clearly displayed.

Ask About Roast Styles

The way beans are roasted makes a big difference in flavor. Lighter roasts preserve more of the bean’s inherent characteristics. Dark roasts develop more roasted or burnt flavors. Ask about the roast style to choose beans aligned with your taste preferences.

Smell the Aromas

Take a whiff of the whole coffee beans before purchasing. The beans should smell fresh, with inviting aromas like flowers, fruit, chocolate or nuts. Stale beans lose their aromatic oils. If the beans are not freshly roasted, they won’t smell as enticing.

By keeping these tips in mind when shopping for beans, you can bring home delicious specialty grade coffee and have the perfect start to your mornings in Sharjah! Let your taste buds lead the way to find beans that match your preferences.