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Welcome to the HOUSE OF COFFEE and savor ESB Coffee’s pure, exquisite beans - grown at lofty heights and bursting with bright acidity, a creamy body, and a complex, smooth fruity taste. It’s fresh, 100% Arabica, and backed by Rainforest Alliance & UTZ certifications for peace of mind.

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ESB Coffee boasts origins rooted in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, offering 100% Arabica beans that embody an exquisite taste profile.


ESB Coffee undergoes meticulous care through Italian roasting technology and German grinding precision, ensuring the finest aroma and taste.


ESB Coffee is Rainforest Alliance & UTZ certified, reflecting a commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.


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ESB coffee comes from the origins of Coffee in the world “Seyo-Nolle Estate”, and it is a 100% Arabica Special Rich Coffee. Further, it is surrounded by the appropriate care to keep it going forward. This makes ESB coffee an expert’s choice for premium Arabica coffee.

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