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At ESB Co we have stablished our own coffee brand named “ESB Coffee”. This coffee comes from the origins of Coffee in the world, and it is a 100% Arabica Special Coffee.

At ESB Co we have established our own coffee brand named “ESB Coffee”. This Coffee Comes from the Origins of Coffee In the World, and It Is 100% Arabica Special Coffee.

At ESB Coffee, we pride ourselves on bringing our valued customers a coffee experience like no other. Our ESB Coffee is a pure indulgence in a cup, made from 100% Arabica beans that are grown with special care, of the utmost premium quality, and falling within Grades 1-2. The beans we use are nothing short of exquisite, and we ensure they are sourced responsibly.

Our meticulously curated coffee beans undergo either a washed process or are sun-dried naturally to retain their essence. Our coffee plants flourish at high altitudes, specifically between 1500 and 1600 meters above sea level. This prime altitude cultivates the beans in a manner that imbibes them with a unique flavor profile that is hard to find elsewhere.

What sets ESB Coffee apart is its spirited bright acidity that tingles your taste buds, paired with a rich and creamy body that adds depth to your coffee experience. The complex yet harmonious aroma enthralls your senses, and the smooth fruity taste that follows is simply the crescendo to this symphony in a cup.

We don’t just stop at sourcing the finest beans. At ESB Co, we are deeply involved in every step that transforms these beans into almost the perfect coffee. From importing the beans to roasting them to perfection to grinding them with precision, and finally packing them to seal in the freshness – we oversee it all. This ensures that ESB Coffee is not just fresh, but also embraces the highest standards of health. We are proud to share that our coffee is vegan-friendly and contains absolutely no additives.

Additionally, ESB Coffee is conscious of its impact on the planet. We hold the esteemed Rainforest Alliance & UTZ certifications, which signify our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. When you choose ESB Coffee, you’re not only indulging in a luxurious coffee experience but also contributing to a greener planet.

For a deep dive into the rich world of ESB Coffee, we invite you to explore more by clicking on the “ESB Coffee Info” button. We appreciate your presence and are thrilled to serve you the finest coffee. Thank you.

A Journey Rooted in Rich Heritage:

ESB Co’s voyage into the world of exquisite coffee originates from the enchanting lands of Ethiopia. While Ethiopia is widely celebrated as the cradle of coffee, there is an intriguing likelihood that the coffee plant made its journey to Ethiopia from Sudan. The ancient mysteries that surround the initial consumption of coffee leaves, cherries, or beans continue to be enigmatic. However, historical footprints indicate that nearly 2,000 years ago, the wandering Oromos tribe, inhabiting the Kingdom of Kefa, which is now part of present-day Ethiopia, ingeniously used the coffee tree’s leaves and fruit. They crafted a type of cake, akin to an energizing chewing gum, which could be chewed on for a stimulating surge of vitality.

There are traces of history that hint at the 5th-century Kingdom of Aksum, which held dominion over northern Ethiopia and parts of southern Egypt, trading fervently with the Roman Empire. Though coffee may have been a part of their trade, historical records leave us yearning for more concrete evidence of Romans sipping on this captivating brew.

A Labor of Love and Precision:

At ESB Co, our relationship with coffee is a tender and reverent one. We lavish our cherished ESB Coffee with unparalleled devotion, ensuring that every bean reaches its maximum potential to captivate your senses with its intoxicating aroma.

Our process is an orchestra of precision and artistry, conducted within the walls of ESB:
We embark on a journey to the lush farms, where we personally select our prized coffee beans.

The roasting process is an act of alchemy. With Italian technology as our wand and seasoned expertise as our spell, we gently coax the flavors from each bean.

Our beans are then entrusted to the meticulous care of German engineering. With a precision that only German technology can offer, we grind the coffee beans ensuring an optimal texture.

The final act in this magnum opus is the packaging. Our coffee is cradled in specially designed, environmentally harmonious bags that seal in freshness and promise an unadulterated experience.

With ESB Coffee, every sip is an assurance of freshness, wellness, and an ode to the vegan way of life. Our dedication ensures not just a freshly roasted, ground, and packed coffee but also a cup that is untainted by any additives.

ESB Co invites you to be a part of this extraordinary journey, where each cup is a tapestry woven with heritage, love, and perfection.