A Guide to Organic Coffee in the UAE

Organic coffee has been growing in popularity in recent years among health and environmentally conscious coffee lovers in the UAE. But what exactly is organic coffee and where can you find it in the Emirates?

What Makes Coffee Organic?

For coffee to be certified organic, it must be grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. There are strict regulations around organic farming methods and processing. Some key practices of organic coffee growing include:

  • Using natural fertilizers like compost, manure and cover crops to enrich soil health. This avoids synthetic fertilizers that can leach into waterways.
  • Controlling pests with natural methods like insect traps, biological agents and encouraging biodiversity. This avoids toxic pesticides that can harm workers and wildlife.
  • Relying on natural weed control through mulching and hand weeding rather than chemical herbicides.
  • Ensuring clean waterways by preventing chemical runoff pollution.
  • Processing beans using only natural methods without chemical additives. Beans must be separated and dried on raised beds rather than concrete floors.
  • Obtaining third-party organic certification through detailed audits and inspections.

When these practices are followed, it results in healthier plants and ecosystems, safe conditions for workers, and contaminant-free coffee beans.

The Benefits of Organic Coffee

Drinking organic coffee provides several advantages:

  • No synthetic chemical residues – Organic beans are not exposed to any hazardous fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides during growth and processing. This results in pure, untainted beans.
  • Better for the environment – Organic methods protect local waterways, soil health, and biodiversity on and around the farms.
  • Healthier coffee plants – The natural growing techniques make for more robust, higher quality coffee plants.
  • Ethical working conditions – Without chemical hazards, organic farms provide safer conditions for coffee workers.
  • Superior taste – Many coffee experts believe organic beans result in a cleaner, brighter, more complex flavor profile.

Where to Buy Organic Coffee in the UAE

The demand for quality organic coffee is growing in the UAE. Here are some top spots to buy certified organic coffee beans and grounds:

  • ESB Coffee – Our specialty café offers 100% organic Arabica beans farmed sustainably. We roast them fresh in Sharjah.
  • Organic Foods and Café – With many locations, they offer a wide range of organic coffee products.
  • Select Carrefour stores – Carrefour supermarkets at malls across Dubai and Abu Dhabi carry organic coffee.
  • Specialty coffee shops – Many leading cafes like Raw Coffee and Espresso Lab have organic coffee bean varieties.
  • Online shops – Websites like Kibsons and Bulk Whole Foods Dubai sell certified organic coffee.

ESB Coffee’s Organic Coffee Commitment

At ESB Coffee, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality organic coffee sourced directly from farms we partner with. We handle our organic beans with care every step of the way – from import to roasting to grinding to packaging. Our organic Arabica coffee delivers a wonderfully bright, complex and smooth cup.

For organic coffee that respects both the environment and your health, look for bags of ESB Coffee beans or grounds on your next visit to Sharjah. Our organic coffee makes for a feel-good cup.